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On “Making It”

Today I spoke with my dear friend and fellow Creative, C. C., on the topic of “Making It”.   Both C. C. and I are artists in the process of defining our contributions and our roles. We have different mediums, and different practices-but our ideas about success are similar.

The idea of “Making It” is everywhere. In every media outlet, every Hollywood sponsored star you see, every craft fair you go to that you’re not selling at, and sometimes even down to the clothes that are on your back or the food that is in your tummy. For some of us paying our bills on time and in full means we’ve “Made It”, in fact for most of my friends-including myself-being able to pay our student loans and living expenses on time each month and in full is really what we’re aiming for.

Upon hearing me bemoan the same old, same old-along with a new desire-TO BE SEEN! (more on that later this week)  C. C.  said to me:

“Don’t get so focused on tomorrow that you lose site of TODAY.  When people talk about ‘Making It’ they tie it to their own definition of ‘Success’, which is conditional on the future. Don’t forget {Mary} that you’re Making It right now. You’ve already Made It, and you continue to Make It. You’re making the work. That’s Making It”.

Did you catch that? If you’re doing something, making something, being positive, getting out there, following yourself-you’re MAKING IT. You’re MAKING IT HAPPEN.  And I firmly believe that the Universe/God will meet you where you try and help you fly.

Let’s stop waiting and get creating!

Here is something I’ve Made:

Pulpy Bliss: PBI 2012

Run on over to My Handbound Books to read my guest entry on Paper Book Intensive 2012-more specifically my class with paper artist Lee Running.

My Handbound Books

Head on across the boarder for some bookish inspiration from my friend Rhonda over at My Handbound Books.

Rhonda and I met at Paper Book Intensive 2012 this year, and had quite a connection. She’s asked me to write a piece on my paper sculpture course, so stay tuned for that link!


An interior view of The Home Studio Project HQ.

Forthcoming Attractions

 We’re all busy, but this is how we do it all.

Making room for many things in life is a difficult enterprise. Our lives’ focus is what drives us-what gives shape to our daily activities.

            Everyone I know is creative and working on their art, books, food, music, design, performances etc in different states with different materials. However the one thing we all share is our need for the appropriate space, time, and tools to do our jobs well. What do we do when we find that we are without the ideal situation? This is the question from which The Home Studio Project has its genus.  Making paper in a bathtub? Finishing your manuscript on public library computers? Making collages because that’s all you have time for after work? 15 minutes a day proving too much time to make art?

Take heart. We’re all in this together.


About Moi

 Mary Patton is my name and creativity is my game. My life began with creative moments around the house and evolved into each corner of my existence. I’m musical, curious, resourceful, relentless, tenacious- you could say I’ve got Moxie. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a focus in print media that includes screen-printing, letterpress printing, bookbinding and paper making. Previous to higher education my focus was oil painting and watercolor. I currently use my artistic skills to make sculpture, have an interest in installation and am an avid supporter of technical skill or the use of craft as a qualifier for Art with a capital A rather than “art”. My future plans involve book or paper conservation.

            I am an avid food lover, like many, and hail from a rural town in North Central Iowa having grown up on a farm. This being said all my pursuits in life are of a healing, natural nature. I strive to leave little waste, use what comes from the earth as directly as possible, and continue to explore the possible abundance in our relationship with the planet chiefly through my materials choices.


A Welcome is in order…

Greetings followers, friends, and fellow Creatives!

The Home Studio Project is about how we remain creative through our daily lives. We will showcase current projects of all types, pictures of home studios, tips on maintaining a creative flow, advice on where to go when you’re “stuck”, perspective on the artistic purpose, and a whole lot of joyful jery-rigging.